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Kids and Baby Grooming Products

(102 Items)
Buy Grooming online from a collection of 102 Products at with prices starting at SAR 3.
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Welcome to Your Ultimate Destination for Baby Grooming Products

Are you a discerning parent in search of top-notch grooming solutions for your precious bundle of joy? Your quest ends here! Our E-commerce platform presents an extensive array of meticulously curated baby grooming products crafted to cater to the unique needs of parents in Saudi Arabia. From the tiniest nail clipper to the most soothing baby cologne, we have meticulously sourced and selected every item with your baby's well-being in mind. Let's embark on a journey through the realm of baby grooming and uncover the indispensable essentials every caring parent should possess.

Types of Baby Grooming Products

1. Nail Clipper:

Keep your little one's tiny nails neat and tidy with our specialized baby nail clippers. Crafted with precision and safety in mind, these baby nail cutter ensure smooth trimming without any discomfort for your baby. Whether it's a quick touch up or a thorough grooming session, our nail clippers are your trusted companion.

2. Brush & Comb:

Nurture your baby's delicate locks with our gentle baby hair brushes and baby combs. Designed to glide effortlessly through fine baby hair, our baby brushes and baby hair combs help in detangling knots and keeping your baby's hair soft and manageable. Say goodbye to tangles and hello to hassle-free grooming with our premium selection of baby hairbrushes and combs.

3. Grooming Kit:

Simplify your grooming routine with our comprehensive baby grooming kits. These all-in-one sets include everything you need to keep your baby clean and well-groomed. From nail clippers and scissors to brushes and combs, our baby grooming sets are thoughtfully curated to meet the diverse grooming needs of your little one. Invest in convenience and quality with our baby care kit today.

4. Baby Scissors:

Tend to delicate grooming tasks with precision using our specially designed baby scissors. Engineered for safety and ease of use, our baby scissors make trimming nails and hair a breeze. With rounded tips and ergonomic handles, these scissors provide maximum control and comfort, ensuring a stress-free grooming experience for both you and your baby.

5. Baby Cologne:

Delight your senses with our exquisite range of baby colognes. Formulated with gentle fragrances that are safe for delicate skin, our baby perfumes leave a subtle, lingering scent that's sure to captivate. Pamper your little one with a spritz of fragrance that's as precious as they are.

6. Tissues & Wipes:

Keep messes at bay with our soft and absorbent tissues and wipes. Whether it's mealtime mishaps or diaper changes, our baby water wipes are your go to solution for quick and convenient cleanups. Made from gentle materials that are safe for sensitive skin, our baby soft tissues and wipes ensure a hygienic and comfortable experience for your baby.

7. Powder Puff:

Apply baby powder with ease using our plush powder puffs. Designed to evenly distribute powder on your baby's skin, our powder puffs help keep your little one dry and comfortable throughout the day. With their soft texture and ergonomic design, our powder puffs make grooming a breeze.

8. Nail Filers:

Shape your baby's nails with precision using our gentle nail filers. Designed to smooth rough edges and prevent snagging, our nail filers are a must-have addition to your grooming arsenal. Say goodbye to sharp nails and hello to perfectly manicured fingertips with our nail filers.

9. Tweezers:

Tackle pesky stray hairs with our baby-friendly tweezers. Featuring fine tips and a comfortable grip, our tweezers make hair removal quick and painless. Whether it's tweezing eyebrows or removing splinters, our tweezers are up to the task.


1. BPA Free:

Prioritize your baby's safety with BPA-free grooming products. These items are free from harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A, which can pose health risks. By choosing BPA-free options, you ensure that all grooming tools and accessories that come into contact with your baby are safe and non-toxic, providing peace of mind during grooming sessions

2. Multipiece Set:

Experience the ultimate convenience with multipiece grooming sets, which include all the essential tools needed for comprehensive grooming sessions. These sets typically feature a variety of items such as brushes, combs, nail clippers, and more, all designed to meet your baby's grooming needs.

3. Alcohol Free:

Protect your baby's delicate skin with alcohol-free grooming products. These formulations are gentle and nourishing, avoiding the drying and irritating effects of alcohol. Ideal for sensitive skin, alcohol-free products help maintain your baby's natural skin moisture and provide a soothing grooming experience.

4. With Magnifying Glass:

Enhance precision grooming with products that feature built-in magnifying glasses. These tools provide added visibility, making it easier to perform delicate tasks such as trimming nails or removing splinters.

5. Cartoon Print:

Make grooming fun and engaging with grooming products adorned with playful cartoon prints. These cheerful designs capture your baby's attention and turn routine grooming tasks into enjoyable activities.

6. Animal Print:

Add a touch of whimsy to your baby's grooming routine with charming animal print grooming products. Featuring delightful animal patterns, these products not only perform their grooming functions but also add an element of fun and creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Are these grooming products safe for newborns?

Answer: Yes, our grooming products are specially formulated and tested to be safe for use on newborns and infants, providing gentle care without irritation.

Q2: Can I find fragrance-free options for baby colognes?

Answer: Absolutely! We offer a selection of fragrance-free baby colognes suitable for babies with the sensitive skin or allergies.

Q3: Are the nail clippers easy to use on squirming babies?

Answer: Our nail clippers are designed with ergonomic handles and precision blades to make grooming easier, even with active or fussy babies.

Q4: Are the brushes and combs suitable for different hair types?

Answer: Yes, our brushes and combs are versatile and can be used on a variety of hair types, from fine and wispy to thick and curly.

Q5: Do the grooming kits include storage cases for convenience?

Answer: Many of our grooming kits come with convenient storage cases or pouches, making it easy to organize and transport your grooming essentials.

Q6: Are the tissues and wipes fragrance-free?

Answer: We offer both scented and fragrance-free options to cater to individual preferences and sensitivities.

Q7: Can I find grooming sets suitable for gifting?

Answer: Absolutely! Explore our range of beautifully packaged grooming sets, perfect for welcoming a new arrival or celebrating a special occasion.

Q8: Are the grooming products tested for quality and safety standards?

Answer: Yes, all our grooming products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

Indulge in our collection of premium baby grooming essentials and pamper your little one with the care and attention they deserve. Shop now and experience the joy of gentle grooming tailored for Saudi Arabia's discerning parents.


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